Electronic Mutations From Beyond

Defective Records

Various Artists


Techno, Breaks

Dr 032


Compiled by Defective Records founders, remastered.

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a1. Mike Parker : resonator One

a2. O.H.M. : Oceanic

b1. Solar x Podzno Utrom

b2. Dj Who : PB4UGO2BED

c1. Dj Who : Give a Little More (Give It To Mike Parker Remix)

c2. Cyber COmplex : Koishi

c3. Pure Gamma : Disciple Of Awareness

d1. Solar X : Koroleva (Solar X Remix)

d2. Glitch : Love Remains

d3. Telekinetic Soulmate : Sub-Ductress



-Resonator One 1. -Resonator One


-Koishi 3. -Koishi

-Koroleva (Solar X Mix) 4. -Koroleva (Solar X Mix)