Wave Earplug No. 4

4mg Records

Various Artists


Synth-Pop, Darkwave, Electro



A4 size one page insert included

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a1. Manasyt & Beta Evers : Dependenci

a2. Stonewall Cops : Kiss The Night

a3. Arsenic Of Jabir : Moratorium 

a4. End Off... Exist Not : Seq Stepers

a5. Abstract Deity Blessed Flesh

b1. I Tpame I Tvrame : Distress

b2. Projekt203 : Nevhodny Obsah (Vinyl Mix)

b3. Little Green Bag : I Wanna Be A Star (Lost & Found Version)

b4. Makina Girgir : R e X

b5. Angaudlinn : Lalaith



-Dependency 1. -Dependency

-Moratorium 2. -Moratorium

-Distress 3. -Distress

-R e X 4. -R e X