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Escape From Synth City

Numero Group


LP 12"




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A1   Chasman Windfall
A2   New World Music Intellectual Thinking
A3   Tony Palkovic Breath of Sound
A4   Frank Youngwerth Whirr
A5   Don Slepian Glimmerings
B1   Al Gromer Khan Konya
B2   Vernal Equinox Sunrise
B3   Tom Cameron Zoot
B4   Smith & Erickson Midnight Mambo
B5   Jim Farmer Emperor’s Clothes
B6   Aril Laury Moody


Chasman-Windfall 1. Chasman-Windfall

New World Music-Intellectual Thinking 2. New World Music-Intellectual Thinking

Tony Palkovic-Breath of Sound 3. Tony Palkovic-Breath of Sound

Frank Youngwerth-Whirr 4. Frank Youngwerth-Whirr