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Terrör Of The Üniverse

Astro Chicken



Synthwave, Disco



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A1   Terrör Of The Üniverse (Intro) 2:19
A2   Kingdom Of The Laser Dwarves 4:46
A3   Marauder Joe's Adventures In Space 6:23
B1   Toxic Avenger Vs. Marshmallow Man 4:21
B2   The Loneliness Of The Turbo Racer 4:15
B3   High-Gloss Üniverse 4:31
C1   Leather Queen Of The Amazons 4:36
C2   Flight Of The Astro Kitten 4:18
C3   Vohaul's Funhouse 4:15
D1   Cosmo Speedrun 5:32
D2   Starfighter Romance 4:01
D3   Lament For My Eta Carinae 4:05