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More Wealth Than Money

Upset! The Rhythm

Normil Hawaiians


Post-Punk, Art Rock



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A1 Red Harvest
A2 British Warm
A3 Homeless
A4 Yellow Rain
B1 New Standard
B2 An Old Standard
B3 Other Ways Of Knowing
C1 Words Are Not Enough
C2 Return Of Hollow Lands
C3 Ha Ha The Story Of A Sunken Fence
C4 Sally IV
D1 Left Alone With Her Pipe
D2 Travelling West


Normil Hawaiians-Red Harvest 1. Normil Hawaiians-Red Harvest

Normil Hawaiians-British Warm 2. Normil Hawaiians-British Warm

Normil Hawaiians-Homeless 3. Normil Hawaiians-Homeless