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Ron Trent


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A1       C. Damier & R. Trent Morning Factory (Dubplate) 10:41
A2       Ron Trent Prescription 10:45
B1       Ron & Chez D Don't Try It 5:58
B2       Ron Trent Seduction 13:21
C1       Ron Trent Pop, Dip And Spin 9:16
C2       Ron Trent Energy 6:53
D1       Chez Damier & Ron Trent Sometimes I Feel Like (Mid 80's Feel Mix) 5:44
D2       Angora Enchantment (Original Demo Mix) 9:09
E1       Ron Trent I Feel The Rhythm (Pres-001 CD Version) 6:18
E2       Ron Trent & Anthony Nicholson Soul Samba Express 11:01
F1       USG Featuring Monica Elam Life 4 Living (Vocal Life Mix) 9:00
F2       Ron Trent Space Ridims 5:49
G1       Chez Damier & Ron Trent Foot Therapy 6:55
G2       Konfusion Kidzz On My Mind 12:00
H1       Ron Trent Morning Fever 8:11
H2       Ani Love Is The Message (For Those Who Didn't Hear It) 5:31
I1       World, Sky & Universes The Answer (Brooklyn World Mix) 7:23
I2       Ron Trent Feat. Harry Dennis Black Magic Woman 8:00
J1       Noni Be My (Friend) 3:45
J2       Warp Dub Sound System Night Places Darkness Upon The Earth 15:31
K1       Chez-N Trent The Choice 5:41
K2       Ron Trent History 10:42
L1       Ron Trent & Chez Damier The Meaning 8:55
L2       Ron Trent Piano Track 9:20


C. Damier & R. Trent-Morning Factory (Dubplate) 1. C. Damier & R. Trent-Morning Factory (Dubplate)

Ron Trent-Prescription 2. Ron Trent-Prescription

Ron & Chez D-Don't Try It 3. Ron & Chez D-Don't Try It

Ron Trent-Seduction 4. Ron Trent-Seduction