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Fake Memories

Alélah Records


LP 12"

Boom Bap, Instrumental



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A1 Sunshine (Let It Come) 3:15
A2 Bombobiii 0:47
A3 Fausse Trap... 1:52
A4 Dirdy Whatever 2:09
A5 Collapse 2:09
A6 Sticky Green Part Deuce 3:50
A7 Thirsty For Cash 2:32
A8 Francis (Interlude) 0:49
A9 Deep In Your... 1:55
B1 Nothin' New 3:03
B2 The Look Of Love 2:50
B3 Fake Memories 2:31
B4 STE 46 2:38
B5 Art Form 2:06
B6 5 1:59
B7 Paracas 2:08
B8 I See Shit Slow 3:32


LB aka LABAT-Sunshine (Let It Come) 1. LB aka LABAT-Sunshine (Let It Come)

LB aka LABAT-Bombobiii 2. LB aka LABAT-Bombobiii

LB aka LABAT-Fausse Trap... 3. LB aka LABAT-Fausse Trap...

LB aka LABAT-Dirdy Whatever 4. LB aka LABAT-Dirdy Whatever