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Quare Groove Vol.1

All City Records/ Allchival



Funk, Electro, Boogie



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A1   Pumphouse Gang Welcome Back Into My Life 3:48
A2   Natural Wild Hot & Sexable (Mega Mix) 6:43
B1   Sunshine Give It To Me 3:25
B2   Those Nervous Animals Hyperspace! 3:51
C1   Stano White Fields (In Isis) 3:31
C2   Barry Warner Losing Control 4:05
D1   Some Kind Of Wonderful Just Like Me 4:58
D2   Micro-Disney Leper 1:58 


Pumphouse Gang-Welcome Back Into My Life 1. Pumphouse Gang-Welcome Back Into My Life

Natural Wild-Hot & Sexable (Mega Mix) 2. Natural Wild-Hot & Sexable (Mega Mix)

Sunshine-Give It To Me 3. Sunshine-Give It To Me