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Just Another Diamond Day

Branch Music

Vashti Bunyan

LP 12"




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A1   Diamond Day 1:45
A2   Glow Worms 2:13
A3   Lily Pond 1:25
A4   Timothy Grub 3:22
A5   Where I Like To Stand 2:22
A6   Swallow Song 2:16
A7   Window Over The Bay 1:53
B1   Rose Hip November 2:26
B2   Come Wind Come Rain 2:07
B3   Hebridean Sun 1:12
B4   Rainbow River 3:23
B5   Trawlerman's Song 1:56
B5   Jog Along Bess 3:36
B6   Iris's Song For Us 1:26


Vashti Bunyan-Diamond Day 1. Vashti Bunyan-Diamond Day

Vashti Bunyan-Glow Worms 2. Vashti Bunyan-Glow Worms

Vashti Bunyan-Lily Pond 3. Vashti Bunyan-Lily Pond

Vashti Bunyan-Timothy Grub 4. Vashti Bunyan-Timothy Grub