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Lapsus Records


LP 12"

R&B 2.0, Experimental



Drömnu’s career is in full bloom. Following the release of his acclaimed EP's Watching Darkness and Deep In Forests (Neonized, 2012) which led him to Sónar Festival, and after his brilliant remix for the New York band Heartsrevolution on Sonny "Skrillex" Moore’s label Owsla Records, the young producer Drömnu presents his first and massively awaited LP Tnank on Lapsus Records.

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  1. The Witches Ride 2
  2. Antarctica (feat. beGun)
  3. Moi Tvoi Mozg
  4. Otkritoe Nebo
  5. No Beliefs
  6. Ice (feat. Lost Twin)
  7. Native