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Clone West Coast Series

The Exaltics


Electro, Techno



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A1 The Arrival
A2 Fallen Star
A3 Tunnel Chase
B1 The Others
B2 One
B3 Symbionts Came Through The Green Lights
C1 Skyway Chase
C2 Day By Day
C3 Missing Places
C4 439
D1 The Hunt Is On
D2 Another World Underneath
D3 8000 Miles High


The Exaltics-The Arrival 1. The Exaltics-The Arrival

The Exaltics-Fallen Star 2. The Exaltics-Fallen Star

The Exaltics-Tunnel Chase 3. The Exaltics-Tunnel Chase

The Exaltics-The Others 4. The Exaltics-The Others