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Twin Talk

Galleta Records /Lovemonk

Lost Twin

LP 12"

Abstract, Ambient, Bass Music



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A1 Cryptophasia
A2 Pequeño Apócrifo
A3 One-Two
A4 A Forest Of Whispers
A5 Stayed Inside All Summer
A6 Intermission I (Off To Andromeda)
A7 Andromeda
A8 I Got Green
A9 Space Raiders
A10 Lo De Siempre
B1 Los Arácnidos Y Yo
B2 Parnassum
B3 Does The Soul...
B4 Homewood
B5 Real Horrorshow
B6 Intermission II
B7 Twin Talk
B8 Butterfly Lake
B9 You Don't Know The Rain


Lost Twin-Cryptophasia 1. Lost Twin-Cryptophasia

Lost Twin-Pequeño Apócrifo 2. Lost Twin-Pequeño Apócrifo

Lost Twin-One-Two 3. Lost Twin-One-Two

Lost Twin-A Forest Of Whispers 4. Lost Twin-A Forest Of Whispers